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Rose Tattoo Meanings:

The rose is considered a symbol of balance, Romantic love and affection, promise, hope, and new beginnings.

The exact symbolism of this blossom depends mostly on its color.

*Red rose: historically have been considered the symbol of true love or passionate love especially when presented as a single stem, but they can also represent sacrifice or memorial.

*White rose: symbolize pureness, spirituality, youth and a maybe even a secret admirer.

*Pink rose: will represent healing, gentleness, grace, elegance and virtue.

*Blue rose: have been used to signify the unattainable, fantasy or the impossible.

*Black rose: are a symbol of death, farewell and darkness, not to be mistakenly used morbidly but more as a memorial.

*Coral rose: represented your heart’s desire.

*Purple rose: are for enchantment and for love at first sight.

*Orange rose: were a representation for enthusiasm, excitement and fascination for life.

*Light peach rose: were for modesty and friendship.

*lavender and lilac roses: Symbolizes enchantment and also sends the message of tread cautiously. If you are a type of a loner, this color of rose may be the perfect one for your tattoo.

If the rose has thorns, then it’s symbolizing defense, loss, and thoughtlessness.

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